Data backup

With Comarch IBARD, you can easily set up a backup schedule for your files, folders, databases, and network location. This makes it possible to easily restore accidentaly deleted data.

Database backup in Comarch ERP systems

Comarch IBARD application provides a simple and intuitive way to create a backup schedule for MS SQL databases (including databases that are directly used in Comarch ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL.


A simple and flexible backup schedule wizard allows you to choose a time that best suits your business to have its database backup uploaded to the cloud.


To increase the efficiency and security of data, additional settings enable you to select the number of backup copies stored and their type (full, differential, alternate backup).

Back up your databases in a few easy steps!

Run Comarch ERP XL or Comarch ERP Optima
Activate Comarch IBARD automatic backup in system tools
Select databases to be backed up
Set a schedule for your backup task
Save the task. Enjoy! Your data is secure!

Backup of local data

Comarch IBARD allows the fully automated backup of MS SQL databases as well as files and folders located both on a local computer and in a network location accessible by the FTP and SMB protocols.


The backup schedule wizard enables you to configure an infinite number of backup tasks.


Working with Comarch IBARD does not require support from the IT department and allows users to individually adjust the program to their needs by freely configuring backup tasks on computers and mobile devices.

Backup of a network location

Backup of CIFS/SAMBA and FTP network resources allows you to create secure file backups directly from your servers with the use of the above protocols, with no need to download the files to the computer in the first place.

Backup of mobile data

Comarch IBARD application for Android and iOS platforms allows the comprehensive backup of the content of mobile devices. The service makes it possible to make a backup copy of the entire content of your device, including the SMS/MMS inboxes, contact lists, calendars, multimedia files, device settings, and even APN.


In practice, this functionality allows you to restore the entire content of a mobile device, for instance after it has been replaced or repaired.