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Data and database backup

With a simple backup task wizard, the backup copy of your data will be sent to the cloud on the selected day and at the selected time.

Data storage in the cloud

The service allows you to securely store any type of files in the cloud and enables you to version each file.

Secure file sharing and encryption

Manage access permissions among the service’s users. Data encryption during the transfer and an individually generated key guarantee that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Data synchronization on multiple devices

From now on, you will have all the necessary documents with you. Edit files on your mobile device and the changes will be visible in real time on all the devices you are using.

Find a solution for you and move your business to the cloud

Comarch IBARD is a professional service thanks to which you can safely store data in the cloud, perform backup tasks online, and synchronize your data in the safest cloud in Poland - Comarch Cloud. We offer solutions for both small and large businesses and service providers such as telecommunications companies.

Comarch ERP customers

Integrated with Comarch ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL systems

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Dedicated to every company regardless of its size

Large enterprises

Individual offer for large enterprises

Manage your company data from one place

Used by over 40 000 companies

Customers have been recommending our solution since 2009. Comarch IBARD is trusted by small, medium-sized, and large companies across Europe that are looking for a secure system to back up, store, and share data.

Your data is secure and available on all devices

Back up your data (both files and databases) with a simple and intuitive backup wizard. Thanks to the multi-channel access provided by the desktop, web, and mobile applications, your data is available from any device on which you log in to your account. Our systems also help you with full data synchronization and encrypted data sharing.