Every day we process terabytes of trade secret data, without which it would be impossible to support the core business of our clients. Taking into account the fact that using our services is at the same time connected with the highest trust placed in us by our customers, we make every effort to ensure that information is properly protected against unauthorized access.

How do we keep your data safe?

256 bit SSL protocol

We encrypt data transfer between the Client’s computer and Comarch IBARD servers using the 256 bit SSL protocol. The same protocol is used to communicate with online banking services that we use very day.

256 bit AES encryption

We encrypt data using the 256 bit AES encryption algorithm. Data is encrypted on the user’s computer with the help of a pre-generated encryption key stored locally on the Client’s side. There is no way to decrypt data without using a unique key held only by the service’s user.

Data replication

Our solution is based on a highly efficient and scalable object-oriented disk cluster. The system is based on a distributed structure consisting of individual nodes with disks connected to each other by a high-performance network. The capacity and performance of the system is increased by adding another node. The solution provides full data redundancy resilient to disk, node, and even location failures.

Comarch Data Center

Comarch Data Center is an innovative and certified (e.g. ISO/IEC 27001:2005) data center complying with the highest security standards. It allows us to store data of Polish clients in the territory of our country.

Comarch Data Center

Comarch Data Center consists of twelve facilities in Poland, Germany, France, and USA.
Each Comarch Data Center facility is located away from seismically active areas and flood hazard zones. Hydrologic analysis and experience gained over the past two decades confirm that there is no flood risk.
With our facilities established in different geographic locations, we are able to offer a distributed architecture that includes the primary center and the Disaster Recovery Center. The task of the latter is to ensure system availability in case of a failure or destruction of the primary center.
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Physical security of the infrastructure

Each of the Comarch Data Center facilities complies with at least the Tier III standards. In practice, this means that there are several levels of necessary performance elements built into the IT infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security.


Additionally, we are regularly audited to maintain the highest standards in the industry. Upon request, clients can perform an audit themselves or have an external institution do it in one of our data centers.

Data processing systems must operate under specific conditions that guarantee their reliability and performance. We achieve it by using:

Emergency power supply

All server rooms have their own voltage generators, activated in case of a power outage.

UPS systems

Our UPS power systems keep Comarch Data Center running until the generators are activated and reach their full capacity.

Fire protection

It is based on an inert gas that is suitable for extinguishing equipment in server rooms and safe for people.

Air conditioning

It ensures optimum temperature and humidity for equipment operation.

Comarch Data Center network infrastructure

The common part of most systems operating in Comarch Data Center is the network infrastructure. It is a separate part of Comarch’s internal network, divided into zones dedicated to systems performing different functions and characterized by different criticality levels.

Active devices used to build Comarch Data Center LAN come from leading manufacturers of network and security solutions. The architecture provides the redundancy of critical devices and access links. Currently, we use links from four independent operators, minimizing the risk of system unavailability in case of a single link’s failure. The network topology assumes the separation of dedicated subnets for each system and each Client, thus preventing direct communication between different environments. Network traffic between zones is separated by firewall systems. They are complemented by intrusion detection systems that analyze network traffic for potential attack attempts.

Comarch’s overriding aim is to deliver services of the highest quality to the company’s Clients. This also applies to Comarch Data Center whose activity is covered by the Integrated Management System which is implemented and maintained throughout the company. Comarch’s Integrated Management System meets the requirements of the following standards: EN ISO 9001:2009EN ISO 14001:2005ISO/IEC 27001:2007PN-N 19001:2006PN-N-18001:2004.

Confirmation of compliance with particular standards is the certificate of the Integrated Management System, issued by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification, which cooperates with Comarch in terms of surveillance and certification audits.