When running a business, it is best to focus on the most essential matters, moving the less important things to the background. Although secure backups of valuable data are among the highest priority issues in the company, thanks to the fully automated iBard service, they will be performed automatically, without the need to initiate them manually.

Share files with other users

You can easily share selected files with other users of the service. Sharing selected resources with any number of co-workers who are granted “read” or “read and write” (full modification) permissions allows you to reduce the time it takes to exchange information, making team collaboration even more effective.

Collaborate on company files

Exchange data with your colleagues and easily group work on files almost in “real time.”


Quick and easy exchange of documents between institutions, defining groups and permissions, or the possibility of dividing the main account between many users are only some of the capabilities and applications of Comarch IBARD for group work within a company.

Share data online

When working with customers via electronic channels, it is often necessary to exchange documents. With the ability to quickly and easily generate a link to a file and, if required, protect it with a password, users can easily share such a file outside the company, having a great alternative to large e-mail attachments.


Moreover, by specifying the exact date by which the file is to be available, you can set a deadline for the file’s visibility on the Internet. In turn, by checking the current number of file downloads, you can find out how often the resource has been downloaded.