Comarch IBARD is an application that enables secure and intuitive data backup, both from computers and mobile devices. The system allows you to synchronize and encrypt data and provides advanced sharing options both inside and outside the company.
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Reliable backup of company data

Comarch IBARD, apart from backing up MS SQL databases, allows the fully automated backup of files and folders located both on a local computer and in a network location accessible by the FTP and SMB protocols.


The intuitive and flexible backup schedule wizard gives you an endless set of backup tasks.


The solution is so easy that it does not require IT support and allows employees to individually adjust backup tasks from both desktop and mobile devices.

Secure data storage and sharing

Comarch IBARD allows you to securely store files in the cloud. Thanks to the use of the SSL protocol, you can be sure that during the connection your data transfer is encrypted and no unauthorized person will have access to your data, even if you connect not from your own device via our web application.


You can securely share your data with your colleagues in the application. If you want to share your content with your customers, you can generate and send them a simple link to the selected file or directory. In addition, you can protect data with a password and set a downloadable date.

Two-way synchronization

The synchronization folder (Comarch IBARD Sync) allows you to work on your documents in real time on any device.

Files that are in the SYNC folder can be edited on your smartphone and changes will be visible immediately in the cloud and to the people who share the file.

File versioning

Comarch IBARD enables file versioning. Thanks to that, you will never again have a problem with restoring previous versions of a document.


You can download previous versions without overwriting the current version, while the unnecessary files can be deleted.

Data sharing in the cloud

Exchange data with your colleagues and easily group work on files almost in “real time.”


Quick and easy exchange of documents between institutions, defining groups and permissions, or the possibility of dividing the main account between many users are only some of the capabilities and applications of Comarch IBARD for group work within a company.