Every day, terabytes of data being a trade secret is processed, without which our Customers will not be able to run their basic business activity. Therefore, we apply a range of means guaranteeing a physical and environmental security of supported IT systems.

How we secure your data

SSL 256 bit Protocol 

Encrypting the transfer of data on Customer’s computer – Comarch IBARD line with the use of SSL 256 bit Protocol. The same protocol is used in communication with online banking services, which are used by almost each one of us on a daily basis.

AES 256 bit Encryption

Encrypting of data with the use of AES 256 bit algorithm. The data is encrypted on a user’s computer through a previously generated encryption key, which is stored locally on Customer’s computer. It is not possible to decrypt the data without the unique key.

Data replication

Our solution is based on two disk matrixes – basic and auxiliary matrix. Both of them work in raid6, which ensures a very high level of security for the stored data. Data from the basic matrix is replicated in a real time to the equally safe and reliable auxiliary matrix. In practice, this means that the data is archived in two independent places.

Comarch Data Center

A modern and certified (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001:2005) data center fulfilling the highest standards of security.

Comarch Data Center

Comarch Data Center is located in twelve locations including Poland, Germany and France.
Each of Comarch Data Center facilities is located away from seismically active areas and floodplains. The hydrologic analysis and experiences gained throughout the years confirm that there is no flood risk.


Deployment of facilities in different geographical locations allows us to offer dispersed architecture composed of a primary site and a backup facility (DRC). The backup facility is designed for providing the accessibility of systems in case of a failure or destruction of the primary site.



A common part of most of the systems operating in Comarch Data Center is the network infrastructure. It is a separate part of Comarch internal network, divided into zones dedicated to systems performing different functions and having different criticality levels.

Active devices used for building of Comarch Data Center LAN are produced by leading manufacturers of security and network solutions. The architecture ensures redundancy of the most important devices and access links. Currently, each facility uses links delivered by four independent operators, which contributes to minimization of the risk of inaccessibility of systems in case of failure of one of the links. Network topology assumes separating dedicated subnetworks for each system and Customer and therefore, disabling direct communication between two different environments. Separating of the network traffic between the zones is performed with the use of firewall systems. They are supplemented by intrusion detection systems, which analyze the network traffic in reference to potential attack attempts.

The primary aim of Comarch is provision of services to Customers at the highest level. It also refers to Comarch Data Center, which operates under the Integrated Management System implemented and maintained within the entire company. IMS in Comarch fulfills requirements of the following ISO standards: EN ISO 9001:2009EN ISO 14001:2005ISO/IEC 27001:2007PN-N 19001:2006PN-N-18001:2004.

A confirmation of fulfillment of specific standards is the Management System Certificate, issued by Polish Center for Research and Certification, cooperating with Comarch within supervision and certification audits.